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How Continental Kennel Club is Different

June 25, 2017
The breeders who founded and now run Continental Kennel Club feel that dog owners should be able to experience an extraordinary relationship with their canine companions, so their goal is to do what they can to provide everyone, including club members and the general public, with the types of educational materials they need to do exactly that. They want everyone to have access to the best information, regardless of their income level or their level of experience.

For most, the decision to join Continental Kennel Club is a thoughtful one. That’s because joining CKC is something special. They will attempt to make it a rewarding experience for everyone who joins, by providing comprehensive and affordable canine registration and record-keeping services and a whole lot more. Continental Kennel Club also makes available whatever educational resources they need to become the best possible dog owner. In addition, they sanction the highest quality shows and other events and they provide a high level of support and client service, as well.