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A Continental Kennel Club Is Better for Dog Lovers

March 11, 2017
Because Continental Kennel Club (CKC) is a registry founded by dog breeders more than two decades ago, they have a unique understanding of the challenges that breeders face at every level. Their mission is to provide ongoing support and affordable services that are designed to simplify the business of canine breeding and to provide the benefits that create a rewarding experience for every dog owner and breeder. Whether you are a first-time dog owner for or you are a veteran in the dog breeding circuit, CKC is committed to assisting you with your mission and empowering you with the registration services, canine education, and practical resources you need to be successful.

Continental Kennel Club has a strong commitment to establishing high quality national performance events, field trials, and breed evaluation shows that are among the best anywhere. CKC believes that empowering ordinary people with the type of practical canine education and training that used to require a hefty investment is the best for everyone. All dog owners should be able to experience an extraordinary relationship with their canine companions, which is why Continental Kennel Club strives to provide everyone, including club members and the public at large, with the types of educational materials they need to do exactly that.

The Continental Kennel Club was established in 1991 to offer everyone in the dog world a choice when it comes to canine registration services and the other products and services that make a dog owner's journey easier. For more than a quarter century now, CKC has demonstrated a strong commitment to providing all its members with the best possible canine products and services available and to do so when it is best for both dog and dog owner.